Best Ways To Get Your Child's Attention

by - September 02, 2014


I remember my time working as a school nurse at one of Central Florida's largest high schools. As a nurse I gave medication but I also offered many hours of counsel and an environment for reflection. I saw so many children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and surprisingly they all had several things in common:

1. They all were lonely
2. They all were angry, resentful and anxious
3. They all needed a listening ear
4. They all were crying out for help in many ways except asking for help

There are so many studies on ADD/ADHD, and many other disorders and mental illnesses affecting young people, but might we not consider that one of the main issues causing the actions is simply a lack of emotional connection with the children? Could the attention deficit not only be the space of time it takes to remain focused but also the amount of emotional attention the child is getting. With our busy schedules as parents, let's face it there will be cracks in our parenting. Neglecting the role of a parent is a sad topic but a necessary one.


The many children who lack the emotional care and concern that they need at each stage of their development. Thus, we are seen with many forms of rebellion being displayed all across the nation in the schools, homes, and workplace.

With a problem-solving approach, parents need to prioritize their roles as parent, caregiver, counselor, coach, cheerleader, and fellow human being worthy of love, affection, and belonging. A structured approach to using better listening skills, observations and early interventions and screenings if necessary can help offset any imbalances, confusion, and most certainly offer clarity when approaching the complex role such as parenting. Hence, we can offer our communities across the nation and world, healthier learning environments and homes filled with harmony.


A Concerned Mom and Nurse

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