Teach Your Child To Make Healthy Choices Early On

by - September 09, 2014

When your child learned to drink from a cup you chose that route for them but they had to grab a hold of that cup and begin to drink in faith that they would swallow the nutrients they so desperately needed. Likewise in life, they will again have to choose which cup they use to continue on living. It is important that parents steer their children in the right direction but always be knowledgeable that their child will have to grab the reigns and make decisions on their own. We are only to lead, not live for anyone, not even our children.

As scary as that moment was when your child began to hold their own cup and safely drink, or take that first momentous step so to will it be telling when they have to make those decisions on their own to live life with courage and faith straying away from doubtful thoughts that create fearful actions that leave a lasting impression on their minds and that of others. Helping your child to make healthy choices begins with that leap of faith to trust that they can do it on their own. At first, the emotions may run high but after that, the feeling of accomplishment is so exhilarating. Making the right choice is not often easy to do but the process is very much doable, you only need faith and the rest will come after that over and over again.

Life is a perpetual gift of faith. By instilling those fundamental rules, lays a solid foundation for healthy thoughts and decision making. By helping your child make healthy choices early on, you have and will help make the world a better place to live.

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