Communicate Better With Your Child

by - September 02, 2014

As a parent you certainly did not get an actual manual when you heard that first cry did you? I bet that's why you were probably happy and scared all at the same time. No worries, you will learn with time that not all parents or children are created equal but you should still learn the basics of communication in order to have that joyful, intimate and perpetual relationship that is needed for our world to carry on with much success.
Below are some questions and answers that are most commonly uttered within the typical parent child relationship. I will then give you alternate questions and answers to help you communicate better the next time around:

Typical Q & A

Q: How was school today son/daughter?
A: Good/Bad/Boring
Q: Did you do your homework yet?
A: Yes/No
Q: Did you say your prayers before going to bed?
A: No/Yes

Alternate Q & A

Q: What all did you learn today at school?
A: I learned how to spell, write a complete sentence, the multiplication table and what the scientific name of water is!
Q: So, that you keep up those good grades, can I help you with your homework?
A: Sure mom, I really want to get all A's; I really need help memorizing my multiplication table, you say the problem and I'll tell you the answer. Thanks mom, I really need this help.
Q: Can I teach you a prayer my mother taught me?
A: Okay! You remember way back then?
Q: How old do you think I am?
A: Real old, :-)!

So, you see with more open ended questions, we can get better answers and even some laughter too!
the goal is to let your child no that you care. You were once their age too, don't forget that! Show, them love and compassion and they will remember it for the rest of their lives.

          " A joyful heart is good medicine but a broken spirit dries up the bones"-Prov. 17:22.

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