How To Have a Healthy Relationship With Your Child or Parent Without Losing Their Respect.

by - January 16, 2018

Let's face it, most people suck at communication, and lack the necessary skills to communicate effectively. On the other hand, we can't even complain anymore about lack of communication because the information age has further crippled humanity and persuaded us that all we need to express how we feel is through a keyboard, and which emojie to use to say exactly how we feel. What a life? Is this how we really want to handle things? How do we expect to reach our spouse, children, and parents on a deeper level so they can understand us better? Do we care? It doesn't seem like it much. Most times people are glued to their computer screens or phone that they don't even know what time of day it is. Just imagine a child or teenager who has a pressing issue just being ignored and worse feel abandoned by his or her own parent, all because of a hot game of Candy Crush.

How sad is it when most parents find out that a teacher, or government official is abusing their child. No wonder teen are coming out to their parents about their sexuality because that where everyone lives now, on social media. Long are the days when parents have family meetings, or discussions at the dinner table about one another's day. Now, this precious time is replaced with a hurried dinner, an iPad facing the baby, and phone screens bright as the sun facing their teen's curious eyes. What will it take to get some attention these days? How can parents even attempt to know what is going in their child's life much less what's on their minds?

Do we walk that fine line and try to not make our children feel smothered if we ask to timeout from the gadgets? How do we try to communicate effectively without being forceful and invading our child’s personal space? We so want to connect, and be our child's friend that we don't want to upset them, and worse disrespect them in anyway, causing them to turn to outside influence. Well, its high time people on a whole learn how to have a healthy relationship with your child or parent without losing their respect, before it's too late. 

Have a listen here for practical tips to accomplish the daunting task of communicating without being too forceful:

There is no time like the present to take charge of your relationship before it's too late. As parents we must realize that children crave discipline and they do in fact need to have boundaries set, so that they can focus on growing up with a very good self esteem, and the confidence knowing that they can come to their parents about anything. Children also should be aware that their parents love them, and desire to understand them better, and also take the time to be transparent about the issues that plague their children at any age. There needs to be fair exchange of communication benefits both parties and the exchange needs to occur at the right time. Which is why we don't need to be distracted by the gadgets and constant reminders to check this page and that page at a specific time. We have to take control of this situation before we lose our families to the world.

Simply all we have to do is tell the truth, and be a simple as possible, no huff, or fluff. Children like simplicity and honesty as much as parents do. So we need to first express the desire to be told the truth, and at all times. Trust needs to be built up, and keep in high regard. The frequency of conversation needs to be on and always on, just like the notifications on our phones. In other words, we shouldn't miss a beat when it comes to our children, and they should also know that we expect their undivided attention at mealtime, and when having a conversation. 

Overall, parents need to take back the homes by force, give the respect they would like back and expect nothing less from their children. No more trying to be a best friend to our children, what they need is our best attention. The same energy and excitement we as parents had during the planning of our families, the same needs to be maintained if we expect our families to survive in our current climate.  It's not that hard, to bring back love in the home, and build the healthy relationships we need to have. These tips are really a confirmation of what you already know to do, you just need to do it!

Take care is better than don't care.


Crystal E. Melville, M.A., CPC

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