Should a Woman Submit To a Man?

by - January 17, 2018

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With the rise of the feminist movement over that last 20 plus years, and the recent #MetToo and #TimesUp movements respectively, women have finally been given an opportunity to let the world know that they have the power to say how they want to be treated and acknowledged as an equal entity in mind, body, and in spirit. However, both men and women have found themselves in a bind, with the questions now being raised as for how to view one another and communicate their emotions, to offer a solution on how to move forward. 

On the contrary, the real issue is, a very demented thought reached earth a very long time ago and sought to put enmity between man, and their God, as men and women were both created in the image and likeness of God. Though men and women have different roles, both species have a solemn responsibility to honor God with their pure worship and allegiance to one another. Without allegiance and a commitment to one another, the work of the Lord cannot go forward through mankind and hence, the human race will be cursed every time we disobey the will of our Creator.

So for men and women to challenge one another at any time and in situations where one's honor is threatened, we have a serious problem on our hands. Mind you, sinful acts have since populated the earth and our cultures, which largely involves the abuse of women and their children. Can we simply blame the abusive behavior and even criminal acts that have taken the face of serial killers, assassins, terrorists, etc., on the massive egos of men? Even though a majority of the world’s population of men is incarcerated, deceased, prisoners of war, and serving on an active military assignment, women, who are probably in the majority, have yet to prove that they are totally capable of living without a man. 

Though dubbed, the “helpmate of a man,” at some point in life, a woman will need the help of a man, but does this mean a woman should submit to a man?
Will women have to resort to consistently being lied to, cheated on, abused, treated unfairly in wage, and dismissed their entire lives? This is a serious thought to have and have an answer too. We have women stating publicly that they are tired of the media, and random people, in general, discussing their relationships, though they put their business out in the open. Most women just go along with the abuse, so they can enjoy the finer things in life and still feel equal to a man. Yes, women though they are very intuitive and know that they shouldn't do certain things, still go ahead and allow certain things to happen to them and then end up regretting their poor decisions later in life. 

Women, in general, are very emotional due largely in part to their menstrual cycle. Men do not have to cope with this process at all, so they are not wired by their emotions, which is why men are very typical and don't do well with mixed signals. Men are kind of yes or no, they don't flip-flop when it comes to their emotions as much as women do. Women simply need to be understood more during their time of release, yet still held accountable for their actions as men are for theirs. We can't have a double standard as we do in society when it comes to right and wrong. The only submitting should be happening among the species is to love. Love is an action word, and we need to exercise its many forms on a daily basis.

Have a listen here to see how we can find ways to submit to one another so we can live together and endeavor to progress the human race in spite of our own personal beliefs. Love is the answer here guys... love:

Too many women are growing old and alone because they have failed to admit that they are off at times during 28 - 30 days and men fail to realize that they fit in within those same 28-30 days. Why? Because we are more alike than unalike, as the great Poet, Maya Angelou once said. We need each other. We all have our days when we don't feel like ourselves. We feel overwhelmed, even vulnerable, but that doesn't give anyone the right to take advantage of another human being. We must do better to care for one another.

In respects to the submission suggestion, this topic was at the time specifically targeting wives and their relationship with their own husbands. For, how can we have order in the home when one entity tries to overpower the other, and one fails to yield to the other repeatedly? Submission is really a lifestyle habit. It is an act of humility, obedience, and love for one another, but mainly towards God, our Creator. We have to remember that there is a natural order of things as designed at the creation of the world. God created man first, then the woman, and he blessed them both and commanded them to be fruitful and to multiply the earth, but before this could happen, sin crept in the door, and man took the bait, so now we have a consistent problem with sin. So how do we handle this repetitive behavior? It is recommended that we yield to one another, but the wife submits to her own husband in love. For those who are not married, you might as well practice yielding now so that when you do get married it wouldn't be such a daunting task to live in peace and harmony. 

Overall, we should submit in love so that we can progress the human experience further with a better understanding of each soul. Life is real. Pain is real, and so are lives of many people who can't seem to get on the same page when it comes to women's rights. The late Malcolm X said once, "The most disrespected women in America is still the Black Woman." At the time of his speech, he may have had good reason to think this, but in reality, all women are disrespected. The most devastating reoccurrence is for them to be disrespected in front of their own children. Now, this is where the vicious cycle begins. When a young boy sees or hears his father or any other man disrespects his mother or a woman in his environment, and it is tolerated, he now knows that he can get away with it also. This is how society creates the evil it so desperately tries to find a cure for each day, and to no avail, the evil spreads like the cancer it is. 

There won't be any resolution unless; we get tired of the evil, and choose unequivocally to extinguish it forever. We have to think right, and speak right so we can act right. Until women take a stand with purpose, humility, and dignity they will always be seen as loud, dumb, crazy, confused, weak, or lacking grace. Hence, they will never be heard. If women desire for men to treat them as equals, they need to master their emotions, and as Joyce Meyer wrote, "win the battlefield of the mind." They will never be heard and the wholesome fruits coming from both male and female will never come forth. 

The answer to the question "Should a Woman Submit To a Man?" is yes! Likewise, a man should also submit to a woman. Both male and female should submit to one another in love so that God our Father will be glorified in Heaven, and usher in a peaceful reign of His Son Jesus Christ after the enemy is judged and punished. This war on mankind called racism is the evil that will, in the end, consume all nations. God's true people, however, will emerge in this season, as the world is at war with itself. Nations rising against nation is the result of the lack of wisdom and love for one another. 

When men and women realize at last, that they are one, only then will we all find the true peace that we seek. 


Crystal E. Melville, M.A., CPC

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