What Is An Appropriate Age To Date in 2018?

by - January 16, 2018

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So, what is an appropriate age to have a relationship in 2018? Most people will say, at age 18, when they have a job, when they feel mature enough, or when they finish college, etc. The truth is, people know if they are ready or not, but the real issue is how strong are they to resist the expectations society places on them. In 2018, and even 50 years ago, men and women approach relationships with various criteria’s. For example, most families don't expect to give away their daughter unless she is of legal age, her future husband is financially stable and independent, or they both have completed their formal education; have acquired some skill to obtain gainful employment in hopes of providing for their physical needs. 

Most people are truthfully afraid to venture off into the unknown, and give up their independence. Surprisingly, most people have a laundry list of requirements in order to enter a practical dating phase, such as an age requirement, consistent employment record, optimal health record, stable and favorable financial records, above average educational transcripts, stable family history, positive career goals, sufficient accomplishments, a truthful status of current relationships, just to name a few. 

In spite of the long list of must have’s, the truth is most, people have no clue how to date, especially with the current climate in our country, the rise of STD's, divorces, and let's not forget the many cases of catfishing via online profiles.  Many millennials and even teens are somewhat left to lean on the side of caution especially if they want to live to see retirement age.  With so many variables in mind, one is left to face head-on the harsh truth about online dating

Have a listen as a parent and her teen daughter express their views on dating in 2018:

Quite frankly, with the climate as is and the ever-scandalous #timesup movement rising daily, many women and a few men have come forward to express their disdain as it pertains to the way people touch them, speak to them and what they ask of them. What we are learning daily is that people simply lack respect for one another. People in 2018 and past times have failed to communicate and express their true desires when it comes to dating and how they expect to be treated on a date.  If you are not ready for a serious relationship or to become involved with someone on an intimate basis, you should state your intentions right from the beginning. There is no need to feel like you have to be with someone just to please everyone else or to fulfill a long-awaited companionship. It is best to be on the alert for any red flags that may present concerns that one would normally ignore when in love. 

The first few months of any relationship should be considered a probationary time, a time of research, query, as well as the exploration of goals that may or may not present as a lifestyle worth venturing. During this time one should not feel pressured at all, but very confident in the process of getting to know another individual at a high level of consciousness, meaning their soul should be speaking to yours at times. We should pay attention to clues of awareness, engagement, and or distance. If a person is not into you, chances are they are simply there for the superficial gains, which have no lasting benefits. 

Overall, a person cannot or should not truly take part in the dating process unless they have reached the age and time of maturity. This process and moment in one's life are very important as it shapes a person's entire being and existence. For whom a person chooses to merge their soul with, becomes their soul's mate, and covering. You will find yourself, thinking like them, speaking as they do, and acting like this person after a while. Your mate and life partner will be a living example and representation of who you are. Hence, someone who lacks the knowledge of his or her own identity should not undertake this process, called dating. In other words, dating is for grown folks. The appropriate age to date in 2018, and at any other age is the time elapsed for your maturation and moment of expressed desire to be made one with another.

Happy Dating! 


Crystal E. Melville, M.A., CPC


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