Why Parents Should Educate Their Children About Inappropriate Behavior By a Stranger or Relative

by - January 16, 2018

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It's Time To Speak Up

A new dawn is here and long are the days when the lie becomes the truth. We cannot ignore the fact that telling the truth is a must, though not always easy. It takes great courage, to tell the truth especially when you are in fear for your life, or have to admit that someone you know, trust, and or have loved you once upon a time, has betrayed you. Yes, it is a grievance to heart and a sickness of the soul, to bare such a burden, which is why you must speak up now. To live with the knowledge of a crime against the will of another, is one too great to bear, even for the darkest of character. 

Just imagine the horror so many little children, teens, young adults, and even grown men and women face when someone violates them. They feel inferior, emasculated, lost, confused, hurt, shock, appalled, angry, powerless, and the list goes on. Can such occurrences be avoided?  Honestly, most occurrences can be avoided if enough people are educated, aware and actively strive to live a life that is not based on materialism but by their ability to create and become people who impact the lives of others for good. Sadly, most people who were abused become frozen in the depths of despair and lean on the side of caution when communicating their feelings, and desires.

Have a listen here as we discover how parents can motivate, encourage and emulate the behavior needed to effectively educate their children about inappropriate behavior by a stranger or relative:


It is imperative for parents to allow their children to safely express their concerns and also provide safe boundaries for their children. For example, if your child is afraid of the dark, don't tell them they are weak or use some other derogatory term to describe their reaction or emotion at the time. Rather, let them know that you were also afraid once, and share with them how you overcame that fear. Let them know that they possess the ability to overcome that fear and walk with them through the emotion and teach them how to do it if you're not around.

 Teaching your child to be independent thinkers yet still becoming interdependent in the world is a healthy option because we all need one another. No one is an island unto themselves, otherwise, there would be no chance of survival.  By explaining that it's okay to need people opens up the child's mind to seeking help when needed. The next thing to teach them is to know that they have a voice on the inside that will never lead them wrong and to trust it. Their inner voice is usually correct and needs not echo. They will learn to discern who to trust and what to tell others.  Decision- making is a skill and must become a way of life or habit that is grounded in truth as well a trust in knowing that is right from what is wrong.

As your child grows you too must grow knowing that what you teach them is vital for their protection and navigation through life, so you should never second guess your decision to be transparent even at the expense of a relative getting upset because you decide not to allow your child to sleep over and so on. As a parent, you reserve the right to protect your child, as it's your divine right. Schools, churches, and even the workforce are depending on parents to train up their children to have certain filters on to detect a creep within close range. We just have to do better point blank period. There is no way around it, no more excuses. The past is covered in lies, sin, secrets, pain, tears, scares and sadly the home of many deceased all because no one spoke up. It's time to speak up. The current state of the world is screaming to us why parents should educate their children about inappropriate behavior by a stranger or relative.

Let's join forces to protect our children, and the future generations to come.


Crystal E. Melville, M.A., CPC

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