Divorce Recovery for Women

Welcome To Divorce Recovery for Women

Are you a divorcee who's been stigmatized?



Not given a fair trial?

Have you felt less than among your married friends, or have you been feeling lonely, and bitter since your divorce many years ago?

How has your divorce impacted your children and your circle of friends? Do you need someone to support you and your family through this difficult time? 

Alas, your day of deliverance is here! A program created just for divorcees or common law ex-wives, and exes from a relationship spanning 3 years or more!

Welcome to Divorce Recovery for Women! 

20 years in the making, made from love, patience, sacrifice, and a desire to help others heal and be free. You will receive real-time revelation to break the cycle of drought, bitterness, resentment, and guilt. The Program is a 7 -step course 

You will be able to communicate your thoughts truthfully, and efficiently so you can achieve the freedom you deserve. Step by step you will acknowledge the hindrances to your growth, and overall well being. You will also receive one on one coaching and an opportunity to subscribe to a monthly healing ritual that will surely jumpstart your healing and transformation.

Freebie anyone? You will also receive a FREE workbook to journal your thoughts and answer important questions.


But wait you also need emotional and physical healing so you will be able to subscribe to receive your very own ANTI-ANXIETY BOX!!! 

Click the link to partner in your transformation. Share with anyone you know who needs to heal from a divorce or bad break up. 

Let's help to prevent further pain and suffering for generations to come. Invest in your healing today.
The program is affordable, the coaching is like none you will ever receive.

I look forward to servicing your needs. I'm only a click away. You may also contact me on my website crystalemelville.com:

Love and Light,

Crystal E. Melville, M.A., CPC